Do Sleeping Masks Help You Sleep Better?

Do Sleeping Masks Help You Sleep Better?

Human beings are diurnal. We stay awake during the day and when darkness kicks in, we sleep. Masks are as effective as CPAP Frankston machines. When a mask blocks light and keeps you in total darkness, your body produces hormone melatonin that induces sleep. In total darkness, you are able to clear your mind and concentrate more on sleeping.

Sleeping masks are cheaper than other sleeping devices. While a mask may not replace a Resmed S9 autoset or a Fisher paykel CPAP machine, Resmed masks are cheaper than these other machines making them ideal for most insomnia cases. Again, the masks are easy to use as you only need to wear them to cover your eyes.

CPAP masks have no side effects unlike sleep medications or alcohol which people use to treat insomnia. Unlike medication, masks just like CPAP machines like Resmed airsense 10 elite, allow you to sleep better without affecting your health. Masks from Resmed Australia have been designed to actually cover a large part of your face to protect you from pillow impressions which might cause wrinkles.

Masks are good for your skin. While CPAP machines such as Resmed airsense 10 or Resmed airsense 10 autoset will come with a humidifier, the masks protect your face from excess drying and from excess moisture. Even when you travel, you need a travel CPAP mask to help you sleep better.

There are hundreds of masks to choose from; different sizes, designs and colors. If one mask doesn\'t feel comfortable, you need to look for one that does. Some sit away from your eyes for comfort.

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